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We offer a variety of thousands of decorative, landscape, system interior and exterior lighting items. We take care in choosing quality materials and impeccable finishes. We apply the latest eco trends in the selection of consumables, with LED solutions where they are most useful.


We are with you from the beginning. With our suggestions from designers with experience in lighting equipment, with our cataloged collections online, with our extremely rich assortment of lighting fixtures of all groups and styles, components and consumables for them, which you can see live in our stores.


We offer everything for lighting - from electrical wires, electrical components, electrical materials and supplies, tools, to all types, groups and styles of interior and exterior lighting fixtures at competitive prices.


Good lighting in both public and residential buildings and homes directs attention to every detail and demonstrates the quality and craftsmanship that make today's new construction so desirable.


Whether you need volume and variety for a multi-family home or style and efficiency for the needs of high-use public structures, hotels, retail, restaurants, we offer reliable, functional lighting that captivates your customers and exceeds their expectations every time.