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02 Apr Focus on the Product
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          The importance of good indoor lighting cannot be neglected in retail outlets. The quality of lighting in commercial premises plays a role in the proper functioning of the space, indirectly affecting revenues, sales and operations in the long run. Lighting helps to enhance the customer expe..
02 Apr Break the rules, be Modern
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          Does anyone know what modern actually means? It may be a bit of a mystery, but it sets you free to be ... you. The modern is up-to-date and constantly evolving. Today's definition may be clean lines and smooth surfaces, but tomorrow may be different. The contemporary takes a deep breath an..
02 Apr Let it be light!
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          Isn't it nice to live in a time when you don't have to limit yourself to styles? As executives responsible for the company's budget, there has never been a better time to be kind to the planet, your employer and your employees. And so, as it was said, "Let there be light!" A lot of light. ..
02 Apr Accent with Light
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          Proper lighting design gives aesthetics to the showroom and improves the appearance of the products, emphasizing their characteristics. Modern LED lighting techniques have overcome the shortcomings of conventional lighting and help companies improve product performance in showrooms and sto..
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