Does anyone know what modern actually means? It may be a bit of a mystery, but it sets you free to be ... you. The modern is up-to-date and constantly evolving. Today's definition may be clean lines and smooth surfaces, but tomorrow may be different. The contemporary takes a deep breath and relaxes, settling in the furrow, which is the moment обаче However, it is important that you like this furrow and feel comfortable in it…

          We present you a modern home, designed in a minimalist design, broken with maxi-modern lighting.

          Modern minimalism is a perception of minimalism that includes current shapes, colors and textures. The colors in tone as well as the precise geometry dominate the modern design.

          The use of linear LED lighting perfectly emphasizes the spatial geometry of the minimalist home, while giving a sophisticated style and delicate lighting. The perfect correspondence of the directed light from the built-in LEDs in the dark grooves completes the overall feeling of the light coziness…

          We break the line with falling, beveled cylindrical bodies, directing the light over tables and countertops, and lower fine horizontal ones that gently scatter the light beams in the bedroom.

          We maximize with jewelry - large stylish chandeliers, keeping the shapes but adding color.

Finally, we invite our first important guest - the Day. All consumables of our lighting fixtures are LEDs with the same color temperature of 4000 Kelvin - that of healthy daylight.

This is the home of one of our clients. A contemporary that can easily take a deep breath and relax in its groove - stylish and comfortable.